Folding Chairs
Samsonite (pictured in order)

Black with Chrome leg, dining height $2.00
White, dining height $2.00
Bone, dining height $2.00

Folding Chairs
Resin/Wood (pictured in order)

White Slatted $3.00
White with Pad $3.50
Black with Black Pad $3.75
Maple Pecan with White Pad $3.75

Folding Chairs
Wood (Vintage)

Varnished with white pad $2.50
Mahogany with black pad $3.25
Blue with blue pad $2.50
Yellow with yellow pad $2.50
Red with red pad $2.50
Green with green pad $2.50

Elegant Indoor Chairs
Ballroom with spindle back and frame.
Choice of black or ivory cushion.
(Adder for Ivory or Black Chivari cushion $1.00 each)

Gold Chivari $7.00
Silver Chivari $7.00
White Chivari (limited) $7.00
Dark Fruitwood Chivari $7.00
Natural Chivari $7.00
Mahogany Presidential $7.00

Stacking Outdoor Chairs

Black Bistro Style, no arms $2.50
Green Garden Chair with arms $2.50
White Garden Chair with arms $2.50

Conference Chair

Chrome Stacking chair.
Straight back with black padded seat and back.

Children’s Chairs
Especially sized for children 2-6 years of age.

Plastic, seat height 13” from floor. Red or Yellow. $2.50
Booster Seat $4.00
Wood High Chair, no tray $9.75

Specialty Chairs

Throne Chair

King $75.00

Throne Chair

Queen $75.00